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Every workplace should display prominently an up to date Health and Safety poster. Other relevant information posters may also be displayed. Workplaces and public meeting areas should have an accident and fire safety log book.

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Traffic Cone



Controlling the behaviour of vehicles on your premises is important to the safety of your employees and visitors, and we have all the equipment you need for a variety of traffic control solutions. Clear marking and signposting makes it easier for drivers to understand what is allowed and where they’re expected to go. Cones and barriers help you section off areas as needed, and speed bumps discourage bad behaviour. By providing bicycle racks, you encourage people to use alternative forms of transport, and can even help your staff to stay in shape – good news for everyone.

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At Building and Safety Supplies we stock a full range of First Aid kits and supplies. These include HSE approved kits, specialised environment kits such as food hygiene or vehicle kits, eyewash stations and kit refills. In assessing the need for a first aid kit one should consider the size of the organisation, history of accidents, nature of workforce, remoteness of your premises from emergency medical services and the needs of lone, travelling or remote workers.



In workplaces where hazardous materials are present, it is imperative to follow the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations. These laws are in place to ensure the health and safety of every employee and worker who comes into contact with hazardous materials, including liquids, machinery and equipment.

Our range of products relating to COSHH control is wide and varied and is sure to help you adhere to the regulations and prevent as many accidents or injuries as possible. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, do get in touch with us here at Building and Safety Supplies.

Security Guard



Safety and security are two aspects of life that we take incredibly seriously. Supplying a wide range of sectors to include education, construction and health, as well as products for personal use, our aim is to ensure that no one is ever without the equipment they need, whether that’s a first aid kit,security products for your home and workplace, office accessories or waste management solutions. As well as providing those initial products, we also stock refills, replacements and power supplies to keep your home and workplace safe, secure and in constant operation.





A well-organised warehouse, fully equipped for all storage needs, is essential for the smooth running of your business. Poor organisation or a lack of adequate equipment can be hazardous, resulting in accidents and injuries to employees, and leave you in breach of health and safety regulations. It can also result in a loss of productivity and give visitors a poor first impression of your operation.

However, sourcing the correct equipment for your warehouse is not difficult; we have an extensive range of products designed to meet all your warehouse equipment and storage needs.