NHS Approved Disosable Polythene Aprons


Protect yourself when working in quarantined areas


  • 100% recyclable polythene aprons
  • Non shrink material
  • Suitable for an environment handling food


NHS Approved Disosable Polythene Aprons


  • NHS approved aprons, ideal for quarantined areas due to COVID-19
  • Non shrink material ensures the apron retains it's size when in contact with heat or persperation
  • Helps to prevent the spread of infectious illness such as flu or coronavirus
  • Aprons are 100% recyclable, so ensure they are desposed of correctly after use
  • Building and Safety Supplies recommends using Supertouch Powdered Vinyl Gloves with these aprons
  • Enhance the importance of PPE and personal hygiene with our infection control signs

NHS Approved Disposable Polythene Aprons - Box 600