Clean and Easy to Use Rapid Ice Melt 10kg - Pallet of 100 bags

  • Melts ice and snow on contact. Help your employees and visitors stay safe in the winter weather with our Rapid Ice Melt 10kg bags, available in pallets of 100. Ensure that you do all you can to prevent accidents in icy conditions by sufficiently de-icing the paths and roads around your place of work. This particular type of de-icer melts snow and ice down to -15ºC on contact, as well as helping prevent re-freezing. It will typically cover up to 2000m², which is 10 times more coverage than you would get using regular de-icing salt. It can also be used as a preventative measure if you anticipate frost and is light and easy to use, leaving no residue.
  • This product is also sold in individual 10kg bags, should you only need to cover a small area. Our Ice Melt is perfect for addressing ice and snow quickly and easily. You can also purchase our Liquid Ice Melt, which is perfect for areas that cannot be reached by salt spreaders.

Rapid Ice Melt - Pallet of 100 bags