Roll Of Easy Peel And Stick Labels Requesting "Use Hand Sanitiser"


Promote best hygiene practice by requesting use of hand sanitiser

  • Universally recognised symbols will inform your workforce of any hazards, provide instruction and communicate information


Scientific research suggests that hand hygiene is a crucial counter to the spread of serious bacterial and viral infections such as flu, MRSA and E-Coli in workplaces, public environments, restaurants and kitchens. Hand sanitisers are proven to kill many, if not all of the nasty microbes that spread these potentially life-threatening illnesses.

The placing of hand sanitisers in suitable locations is regarded as best Health & Safety practice and can reduce the risk of infections for visitors, customers or staff. You can highlight the location of these hand sanitisers and the necessity to use them with this roll of self-adhesive "Use Hand Sanitiser" stick-on labels, which include the universally recognisable hand washing symbol. The labels are hard wearing with a gloss finish meaning they are easy to keep clean.

We stock a range of hand sanitiser products in our store including this hand sanitser gel which is just one solution to the various ways of displaying and dispensing hand sanitiser.

We also stock a very large selection of cleaning products, including those for hand sanitising and washing, so take a look at our cleaning products to promote good hygiene throughout your workplace.


Size 50x25mm - Roll 100 - £47.99, Roll 250 - £59.99, Roll 500 £63.10
Size 100x50mm - Roll 100 - £69.99, Roll 250 - £80.99, Roll 500 £134.99

Roll Of Easy Peel And Stick Labels Requesting "Use Hand Sanitiser"