A thick, non-drying coating for areas such as parapets, ledges, down comers, pipes, gutters, window sills, fencing and walls.  Blackfriar Anti-Climb paint deters potential intruders by making surfaces virtually unclimable, whilst also marking hands and clothing. Features - Slippery, non-drying finish. Can be applied to brickwork, concrete, plastic, metal or wood.  For outdoor use. Ensure paint is applied 2m above ground level, and warn the public that anti-climb paint has been applied - sign sold separately.  Solvent-based.  Coverage2m2/L/Coat  -  Hard Dry  Non-drying.  Size 1 Ltrs. NB: Legal action can be taken against owners of premises by anybody affected by anti-climb paint applied lower than 2m from the ground.

Special Offer - Anti-Climb Paint -1Litre

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